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About DJ Trends

Dj Trends @ Negril Village

Dj Trends @ Negril Village

Quietly David Hall otherwise known as DJ Trends is the master of his own destiny. Not much of a talker and more of a doer, Trends turns negative space into positive space and dead air into a pulse of mood and vibration. There is no question in his mind whether spinning records was what he was meant to do.

While other DJs can be found in clubs working endlessly in the name of fame, Trends sublimely transcends his way into his life’s work. His life work has gained him nothing but success and recognition.

Hailing from New Haven, Connecticut, Trends has spent the past 17 years performing at clubs and parties from his college days in Massachusetts to vacation spots in Barbados to his present day digs in NYC. After moving to Brooklyn in September of 06’ he quickly went from being the millionth DJ transplant in New York City to an in demand selector for the cities top Caribbean personality The Original Rude Boy Dahved Levy. Soon, legendary became the word to describe Trends’ first weekly party in NY. Quickly, Red Bamboo, a vegetarian restaurant in Fort Greene, BK became boundless sweat box drawing attention from a diverse clique of party ready people.

Besides the in-depth sets on the radio and in the club, Trends gained an international audience in 05’ when he released his first large scale mix tape “Welcome To the Dancehall”. Nothing but success followed when his CD’s began to reach Australia, Japan, Bermuda and many parts of Europe. Phone Calls and emails soon followed and Trends responded with 2 and 3.

Trends has maintained his credibility over the past decade through his unparalleled knowledge of various types of music, extensive performing experience and strong fundamental mixing skills.Trends is also part of Connecticut’s premiere DJ Crew, Aces Full Entertainment, which dominates both the Hip-Hop and Reggae mixtapes, Radio (Hot 93.7Fm), and club scene throughout New England.

While Trends has an undeniable ability to equally spin both Reggae and Hip-Hop, (this can be heard on any of the fifteen CD compilations he has created) he has also recognized the importance of being knowledgeable about various aspects of the music business. Trends has worked with artists such as Philly-native Icon the Mic King, producing tracks such as “This Means War” featuring Pack FM and has also contributed much of the production expertise and two tracks to Icon the Mic King’s latest album entitled “Intricate Spectrum”, and mixed his latest mixtape Rent Money Music 2.

Anyone who experiences the impact of DJ Trends’ ability knows that is he a person who has a vision, the talent to support his vision, and the character to maintain it.